Farm Sustainability Assessment FSA 2.0

Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) 2.0

Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) 2.0 is an assessment scheme developed by SAI Platform, the global food industry initiative for sustainable agriculture. CCSBD provides FSA 2.0 audits to approve the use of FSA claims.

FSA 2.0 provides a single set of requirements for sustainable farming on which the food and drink industry is aligned. It aims to harmonize sustainability definitions, reduce assessment and assurance duplication, promote continuous improvement in the sustainable production of agricultural resources and increase the consistency of communication within the food and beverage supply chains about sustainability expectations.

The assessment covers social, environmental, economic and general farm management practices for crop production, specifically arable, vegetable and fruit crops and is applicable for all farm sizes. The requirements are available for download here.

Assessment and claim procedure

Farmers can reach one of three levels of performance (bronze, silver, gold) by self-assessment or the benchmark of a standard they already comply to against FSA.

If a company wants to make public claims about the FSA performance score of their suppliers, they must source from farms that implement self-assessments based on sampling rules of the FSA. In addition, a verification audit by an independent third party like CCSBD is required to support the claims.

With over thirty years of experience in auditing, CCSBD is the perfect partner for credible verification of FSA self-assessments. Contact us to learn more about the Farm Sustainability Assessment!


Farm Sustainability Assessment FSA 2.0

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